In this installment of The Truth Seekers Series ORRA interviews Alyssa Sullinger on how to properly set boundaries and overcome barriers in our lives.
Alyssa helps exhausted and disconnected high achieving individuals remove toxic relationships, crushed self-worth, exhaustion and burnout from their lives and teach them how to overcome uncontrollable overwhelm and anxiety so that they are empowered, decisive and in control of their lives. Alyssa helps them do this without having to rely on medications, supplements, doctor visits and what can often be years of fruitless therapy sessions.
Alyssa is a Licensed Professional Counselor turned entrepreneur after creating the Physio-Life Transformation Program, which shows high achieving professionals how to “unstuck” themselves from the hold of anxiety and walk them through how to build a life that is aligned with their values, purpose and goals.
Serving in the mental health field for 7 years, Alyssa noticed patterns across different clients whose stories and pain points varied from one another, but all led back to the same underlying causes. This broken foundation kept them in the same self-sabotaging patterns, showing up to therapy each week with little improvement to show for it. Alyssa believes that although talk therapy is helpful and healing in its own right, transformational healing that goes from survive to thrive happens beyond 50-minute sessions.
Alyssa believes that facilitating change begins with a positive support system as well as aligning the body, mind, and spirit; focusing on the mind-body connection and healing the nervous system.

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CTA Link connects clients to download a free ebook, as well as book a free discovery call for the Physio-Life Transformation Program to overcome anxiety and overwhelm.

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