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This Narcissim Series installment episode dives into the crucial topic of gaslighting, discussing how it affects individuals psychologically. The host ORRA The Informationalist, identifies indicators of gaslighting, such as questioning your reality, consistent undermining, denial of facts, shifting blame, and isolation tactics. The show further delves into how gaslighting is proliferating in modern societies due to factors like social conditioning, a decline in empathy, and the influence of technology and social media. ORRA also shares ways of confronting such toxic behavior, noting the importance of trusting one's intuition, documenting experiences, seeking support, and setting boundaries. The session concludes with a Q&A segment addressing questions about gaslighting in different scenarios.
00:00 Introduction to Gaslighting
01:13 Defining Gaslighting
01:48 Identifying Gaslighting
02:45 Personal Experience with Gaslighting
07:34 The Rise of Gaslighting in Modern Societies
13:12 Effects of Gaslighting
15:56 Confronting Gaslighting
18:44 Listener Questions and Answers
25:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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