Show Notes

In this installment of the United Shenanigans of America Series. Titled “Evil Threads of Division: The Looming Surge of Racist Ideologies in the United States Before the 2024 Presidential Election.” Racist ideologies have always been present in the United States, but they have recently been amplified by propaganda and toxic social conditioning. With the rise of social media and the spread of false information, individuals are being exposed to harmful and divisive messages that promote racist beliefs. This has created an environment where people are more likely to adopt these ideologies and act upon them, leading to an increase in hate crimes and discrimination. In the lead up to the 2024 presidential election, it is likely that these racist ideologies will continue to increase. Politicians and media outlets may use fear-mongering tactics and divisive rhetoric to appeal to certain groups of voters, further perpetuating these harmful beliefs. Additionally, as the country becomes more polarized and politically divided, individuals may feel emboldened to express their racist views, leading to a normalization of discriminatory behavior. Without addressing and actively combating these toxic social influences, it is likely that racist ideologies will continue to thrive and cause harm in the United States.

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