In this installment of The Narcissism Series ORRA and guest Co-Host Scarlet Loretta will discuss how narcissism is tied to the dark spirit realm of Satan and his minions aka (demons) and psychic vampires . When the Devil can get to you ... he sends a narcissist. * This type of spirit comes to lie, steal and destroy * 3 types of Narcissists according to Psychology: 1. Covert; 2. Overt; 3. Malignant * Why do narcissists mess with your mind so much? * Demonic Spirits drive Narcissists - what's the Demonic Goal? --> Narcissists are the demon's Trojan Horse * Why would Satan do this? They want to: Jam up your receiving station from God; Keep you on an exhausting emotional Roller Coaster ride; Trap you in a toxic mental spiral; Deceive you into believing that as a Christian you're supposed to be responsible for improving their life or help them heal. * 8 Common Spirits behind Narcissism: 1. Spirit of Witchcraft / Voodoo / Dark Arts 2. Spirit of Envy; 3. Spirit of Confusion; 4. Spirit of Condemnation/Criticism; 5. Spirit of Control (often through Sex); 6. Spirit of Deception/Lying; 7. Spirit of Pride; 8. Spirit of Fear * What do you do if you've encountered a Narcissist? or have a Narcissist in your close circle?
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