In this installment of the Narcissism Series “Our Part In Dealing With NARCS” ORRA is joined by Ahban from the BOCC to discuss and examine how, When we find ourselves in relationships with narcissistic people, it is important to take responsibility and accountability for attracting them into our lives. This is because it is likely that something is wrong with our spirit and how we are living our lives. We must recognize our own transgressions and repent for our actions in the relationship. It is possible that these narcissistic people were meant to be in our lives to teach us how we need to improve.
We must take responsibility for our own actions and understand that we have the power to change our lives for the better. We can learn from our mistakes and use the lessons we have learned to create healthier relationships in the future. It is important to be mindful of our own behavior and how it can be affecting our relationships. We must also be aware of our own self-worth and remember that we deserve to be with people who respect and value us. It is possible to break free from the cycle of unhealthy relationships and create a better life for ourselves.
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