In this installment of the Truth Seeker Series “Persuaded Perceptions” ORRA talks about how modern society is heavily influenced by religious doctrines, governments, media, television, Hollywood, and people we admire. These sources of influence can persuade and manipulate our perceptions in a variety of ways.
Religious doctrines often provide a moral framework for society, and can heavily influence people’s views on a range of topics. Governments can use their power to control what information is available to the public, and can shape public opinion in their favor. Media, television, and Hollywood can be used to spread messages that are beneficial to those in power, or to promote certain ideologies. People we admire, such as celebrities, can also play a role in influencing our perceptions. We may be more willing to accept their views on certain topics, or to purchase products they endorse.
Overall, modern society is exposed to a variety of sources of influence that can shape our perceptions in subtle ways. It is important to be aware of this influence and to evaluate information critically, in order to form our own opinions. It is ultimately important that we as individuals form our own perceptions of reality.

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