In this installment of Conspiracy is not a Theory Series titled “Survival/Universal Income” ORRA presents information on the true purpose for universal income and how it will enslave people who will comply with the mandates and requirements that come with it. The idea of a universal income has been gaining traction among governments around the world as a potential positive change to their economies. The idea is that citizens would receive a regular stipend from the government to help cover basic expenses and support a more equitable economic system. This has the potential to reduce poverty and provide a much-needed economic boost to many areas.
However, the true purpose of a universal income may not be as altruistic as it appears. Many governments are using the idea as a way to consolidate more control and take away civil liberties that societies currently share. This could lead to an increase in government surveillance and a decrease in individual rights. While a universal income may be beneficial in some cases, it is important to consider the potential implications of its implementation.
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