In this installment of the “ Truth Seeker Series” ORRA is joined by guests Ahban and Chaakamgabar from the BOCC to discuss how The LGBTQIA+ community has had a major influence on children, largely by pushing sexual perversions in their schools and books. This has been done by introducing curricula that promotes the acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism, as well as by introducing books that promote these topics. This has led to a situation where children are exposed to these topics at an early age and are encouraged to accept them without question.
The LGBTQIA+ movement is also glorifying homosexuality and transgenderism in an effort to make them more socially acceptable. This has led to a situation where the movement is slowly pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in society, and some fear that this could lead to the eventual acceptance of pedophilia as a social norm. This is an alarming prospect, as it could lead to an increase in child abuse and exploitation. It is therefore important that the LGBTQIA+ movement works to ensure that it does not go too far in its attempts to normalize certain sexual behaviors.

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