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In this installment of The Narcissism Series ORRA is joined by guest Co-Host Ahban to discuss “Beware of the Flying Monkeys” how a narcissist will manipulate and use other people to go against the people they target to destroy and abuse. FLYING MONKEY is a popular psychology term that refers to an enabler of a highly narcissistic person or someone with narcissistic personality disorder. A flying monkey is an agent who acts on their behalf. Welcome to the Network of Awareness Podcast Radio Show! Follow us at : ( We're grateful for your support and are working diligently to provide our listeners with valuable information, that can assist in developing a greater sense of Social & Self Awareness in our ever-changing Societies & Cultures. If you would like to donate and support our show please choose one of the links below:$NetworkofAwareness ($NetworkofAwareness) ( NOA Social Media Links: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( All praises to our creator the Most High which inspires the very best in us! "When you live in the present, there's always an opportunity for a new beginning." - ORRA Episode link:

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