From Darkness to Light The Intellectual Quest for Indigenous Truths with Guest The Earth Speaks

This installment of the "Truth Seeker Series" ORRA interviews TikTok Content Creator & Educator @TheEarthSpeakss Join us as we uncover hidden histories and explores the origins of chemistry and civilization in the Americas. It features a podcast interview delving into indigenous knowledge, challenging common historical narratives. The conversation highlights the guest's journey in educating about pre-existing indigenous cultures, dismantling misconceptions around agriculture, symbolism, and the impact of colonization. Additionally, it examines the connection between plant root systems, chemistry, etymology, dark cycles, and the primary law of vibration on the planet. Delve into the exploration of cosmic consciousness, history, and self-awareness with a critical look at vibration laws, historical misconceptions, and the transition of human consciousness. Uncover hidden truths about advanced civilizations pre-European contact, challenge mainstream narratives, and embrace messages of seeking inner light and knowledge independently for new beginnings. NOA Social Media Links: “Don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel, because the light is within you. Light up the tunnel and find your way thru the darkness .” - ORRA