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In this installment of The Creative Consciousness Series Bonus Episode ORRA interviews Ronald M. Kimmons, Fantasy Novelist. Author of the novella Den of the Wolfman, available for free download, In this novella prequel to Wild River, Bandas River man must tap into hidden powers to track down a serial killer known as the "Wolfman"...but he must be careful not to lose himself in the process. Also his fantasy novel Wild River! In a young city thriving under massive immigration and an industrial revolution, a seemingly inconsequential factory worker who has gone missing. When multiple influential people come to investigator Bandas Riverman and ask him to find her, his investigation soon becomes the focal point of a looming conflict between powerful groups...and Bandas soon discovers that he is not the only one with special powers that have long been hidden from the world. Send Audience To: ( This is a free-to-download novella that gives readers a taste of my stories and my style. ( ( ( ( ( Welcome to the Network of Awareness Podcast Radio Show! Follow us at : ( We're grateful for your support and are working diligently to provide our listeners with valuable information, that can assist in developing a greater sense of Social & Self Awareness in our ever-changing Societies & Cultures. If you would like to donate and support our show please choose one of the links below:$NetworkofAwareness ($NetworkofAwareness) ( NOA Social Media Links: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( All praises to our creator the Most High which inspires the very best in us! "When you live in the present, there's always an opportunity for a new beginning." - ORRA Episode link:

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