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In this installment of The Truth Seekers Series ORRA interviews Ernie Martin Author, Marketing Communications Expert, Small Business Owner. Ernie Martin is a seasoned marketing and communications professional and the author of Nobody Cares About Your Business - The 8 universal marketing principles every entrepreneur must know to make customers LOVE their business. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years, Ernie has earned a reputation for excellence in his field.
Ernie’s extensive experience has seen him collaborate with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, and Kimberly-Clark, as well as organizations such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Business Payments Coalition in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
Ernie is also the founder and CEO of Receivable Savvy, a research and content development consultancy helping finance professionals master order-to-cash founded in 2015,
A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, Ernie holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, has acted as a substitute adjunct professor, and regularly mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners as they launch and grow their companies.

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This is the page on Amazon where my book is being sold: Nobody Cares About Your Business - The 8 universal marketing principles every entrepreneur must know to make customers LOVE their business. This book is an excellent, cut-through-the-BS guide for any entrepreneur (and small business owner) to truly understand why and how they should market their business.
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