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In this installment of The Conspiracy Is Not A Theory Series, ORRA discusses the long history of social injustices within the United Shenanigans of America with guest Deborah J. Burris-Kitchen, Ph.D. who is a Professor of Criminology and Department Chair at Tennessee State University in Nashville. She is the author of Female Gang Participation (Edwin Mellen Press, 1997). She also co-authored an article on racism in higher education in the College Student Journal (2000). Her publications also include a book titled Short Rage: an autobiographical look at heightism in America (2002). She also has a book chapter (July 2010) titled Pathways to prison: Implications for the Health and Mental health in the African American Community in Handbook for African American Health Psychology: Evidence-based treatment and prevention practices (edited by Robert Hampton & Ray Crowell); From Slavery to Prisons: A Historical Delineation of the Criminalization of African Americans (2010); a journal article titled Short Rage Revisited (2018); and Deviance and Control, Kendall and Hunt (2020) and a second edition of Deviance and Control was released by Kendall and Hunt in 2021.
Dr. Burris-Kitchen has served as the chair of the research committee and as the Vice President of the National Organization of Short Statured Adults (NOSSA). She has also served as President for (Association of Humanist Sociology) AHS and was a member of AHS for many years. She has also been a member of the American Society of Criminology, and the American Sociological Association.
Dr. Burris –Kitchen is also an activist who fights against violence, racism, exploitation, greed, and capitalism.

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