In this installment of The Truth Seeker Series we will discuss “Empathy In Leadership” The importance of emotional intelligence in leading teams, driving success, and fostering a positive work environment. ORRA interviews Hans Eric Hageman who is a graduate of Princeton and Columbia University Law School, He has started and led organizations for underserved children in Harlem, NY, Kenya, and Lucknow, India. He is a recipient of the Robin Hood Foundation Heroes Award and the Essence Magazine Award. He is currently the executive director of the Tutwiler Community Education Center - a community and youth development organization located in the Mississippi Delta. His middle school and high school students learned the educational and healing power of nature on service trips to places like Nicaragua and Senegal, where they helped build a vegetable garden for AIDS patients.
His goal is to be “An Ancestor Worth Remembering.”

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This is my guide to finding your innate resiliency after a setback.

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